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Restriction on PFAS – next steps

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In the context of the possible restriction of PFAS, ECHA has published new dates regarding the evaluation of the more than 5600 comments on the restriction proposal.

The evaluation by RAC and SEAC is divided into three stages, depending on the use of PFAS in mixtures/products:

March 2024:

  • Consumer mixtures, cosmetics and ski wax
  • Hazards of PFAS (RAC only)
  • General approach (SEAC only)

June 2024:

  • Metal coating and manufacture of metal products
  • Further discussions on PFAS hazards (RAC only)

September 2024:

  • Textiles, upholstery, leather, garments, carpets (TULAC)
  • Food contact materials and packaging
  • Petroleum and mining

In parallel, the representatives of the 5 member states are updating their Annex XV dossier with reference to the numerous comments.

You can find the ECHA news article here.

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