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Over the past few years, we have been hosting seminars to train industry professionals, quality management and regulatory specialists, official bodies and consultants. Our seminars cover a wide array of topics related to pharmaceuticals, chemicals and biocides, including regulatory issues, where carefully selected professionals, industry experts and members of authorities pass on their knowledge to participants, give updates on the selected topics and answer all your questions.

Our seminars also aid students of the post graduate study course ‘Toxicology and Environment’, a study course run by the University of Leipzig. This post graduate study course offers academics to gain a wide spectrum of toxicological and eco-toxicological expertise and knowledge over a 5 semesters period. Students of this course will qualify as ‘Expert of Toxicology’ – the title that you can add to your existing professional title upon a successful completion of this course.

We invite industry experts, regulatory and quality management professionals, consultants, authorities and members of the post graduate course to take part in our seminars to deepen their knowledge obtained through work experience or during study.

Our ACA CAMPUS seminars at a glance:





Medicinal Products

Online workshop “Environmental risk assessment of medicinal products for human use” 16.03.2022
Agenda our speakers
CBD-Produkte und THC-Gehalt: Gesetzeslage und Sicherheitsaspekte upon request Flyer
Evaluation & qualification of impurities in small molecule drug substances and products, cleaning validation, leachables and extractables (E&L) upon request

Medical Devices

Basis-Seminare 11/2021 Agenda
our speakers
Vertiefungs-Seminare 11/2021 Agenda
our speakers

In vitro Diagnostika (IVD)

IVD Online Workshop March 2022 Flyer our speakers

Biocidal products & treated articles

Biozidprodukte – aktuelle Entwicklungen Autumn 2021 Flyer our speakers
IUCLID6 für Biozidprodukte upon request Flyer our speakers
IUCLID 6 BPR – Dossiererstellung Wirkstoffgenehmigung & Biozidproduktzulassung upon request vor Ort beim Kunden


Verkehrsfähigkeit von E-Liquids und Vorläuferprodukten – Update 2022 22.03.2022 Flyer our speakers

Product safety, REACH, CLP & national regulations

Die Produktmeldung gemäß CLP-Verordnung und ChemG –
UFI als zentraler Produktidentifikator
Agenda our speakers
Basiswissen IUCLID 6 – “Joint Submission” upon request
IUCLID 6 – Dossiererstellung für “Lead registrants” upon request Inhouse

Food supplements

CBD-Produkte und THC-Gehalt: Gesetzeslage und Sicherheitsaspekte upon request Flyer our speakers

Statistical methods

Statistische Methoden in Medizin und Biowissenschaften upon request Flyer our speakers
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