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ECHA: updated upload system

On 6 June 2023, ECHA will introduce the new system for the upload of regulatory notifications (REACH: Inquiry, Registration Dossiers, Authorisation Applications, etc.; CLP: PCN notifications, etc.; BPR: Application for Active Substance Authorisation, BP Authorisation Dossiers, etc.). This will bundle the different regulatory applications (REACH-IT, PCNP, R4BP3) in one place so that users can fulfil their obligations of the different regulations in one place.

You can join the webinar on the 6 June 2023 at 10 am (CEST) on the ECHA webpage.

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First comments on PFAS restriction published

You have the opportunity to comment on the application for restriction/authorisation for PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) until 25 September 2023. At regular intervals, the newly submitted public comments will be summarised in a document and made available for download.

ECHA and the national authorities of the Member States that proposed the restriction will respond to the comments, regularly.

You can view and comment on the PFAS restriction application here.

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New Substance Infocard on ECHA Homepage

The substance information profile (“Substance Infocard”) currently used by ECHA will be converted by mid-2024. Similar to the REACH registration dossier, the regulatory obligations will now be listed in several tabs, and the substance profile (classification, labelling, notifiable/registrable, etc.) will be displayed on the start page.

A short summary and what the future substance information profile will look like can be found on the ECHA homepage.

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8 substances to be included in annex XIV REACH

In 2014 the substances, including Lead, were listed on the SVHC candidate list and will be included in annex XIV REACH. The full list can be downloaded here.

Please contact us if you hav any questions regarding your obligations according to REACH and for further information regarding the authorisation process.

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